Friday, December 11, 2009

Mea Culpa

I realized tonight that it's been almost two months since I las posted. I really have no excuse, other than the fact that I've just been too damn lazy to actually do much lately other than work and sleep. Actually, that's not entirely true; I've been working on a huge freelance project for the Seattle Children's Museum that I just finished up the other night. It was such a blessing to be able to have the extra work, especially as The Husband is still job-hunting.

However, there's a distinct possibility that those days are coming to an end-- he's in the running for this amazing job back at the school we graduated from. It really is his dream job, so we're praying hard that it all works out the way it's supposed to. It's just a bit crazy because if it does happen, we'll most likely be moving across the country a couple weeks before The Bean makes his appearance.

Not a long post for today, but just trying to get my feet wet back in the blog pond and make a commitment to actially keeping this thing updated. My goal is to liveblog through delivery for everyone who can't be there, so that means I actually have to be dedicated to it beforehand. Time to crack down, I guess.

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  1. This is Sarah's mum,Susan. I just want all of you to know how proud I am of Sarah and her dedication to already be a good Mommy to Charlie. I am so blessed to be her momma and Charlie's Grand-Mia!