Monday, April 26, 2010

Because shiny things come in all shapes and sizes. it's been pretty much three months since I've posted. Seeing as it's been three days since I've even showered, can you blame me? I'm making an effort. Ok, so a totally piss-poor effort, but it's still an effort, damnit! Ahem. Anyways.

Charlie is huge. I am exhausted. He sleeps through the night. I... get up in the middle of the night to pump because my boobs hate me. Boob hate= sad mama. But he's an amazing baby. Look at this rediculous child.
He weighs 16 pounds. He loves trying to sit and stand up. He laughs his head off every time he farts. He is such a male...

In other news, I now have a Twitter. The Husband is giving me all sorts of crap about this, especially because I said I would never get one and I have made three posts so far.... in about three hours. I tend to get fixated on new things like a toddler with a cardboard box. It'll keep me amused for hours. And not only did I get a Twitter account, I got an Ipod Touch for an early Mother's Day gift.


It is, quite literally, my favorite gadget in the world right now. Because babies don't count as gadgets, and this is something that doesn't involve being spit up on, pooped on, or having something attached to my boob. And it's just nifty. Slide, sqeeze, tap, type without a keyboard. I feel like some crazy futuristic space person. Maybe the hot blonde doctor Heather Graham character from Lost in Space. It's just a small step away from interactive holographic projectors, people. Score. It has voice commands too, but I'm afraid that if I start doing that, I'll start dressing in silver spandex. And I don't have the thighs for that.